Fire Door Inspections

Fire Doors

What is a fire door?

A fire door is a complete installed assembly comprising of door frame, door leaves, hardware, seals and any glazing. When closed it is intended to resist fire and smoke (where smoke seals are fitted) in accordance with the doors specified fire rating certificate.

It is only when a fire breaks out that the consequences of a poorly fitted or maintained fire door is known.

Commercial Fire Door &

Final Exit Door Inspections

A thorough and finite detail of every fire door is captured within the survey to determine compliance or non compliance to passive fire protection. All fire doors are subject to a meticulous inspection and audited in such a way, that it will quickly identify an overall picture, if any corrective measures need to be taken.

Final exit doors or emergency exit doors as the name suggest give access to the outside of the building, where people can exit the premises safely to a designated fire assembly point. These final exit doors should always open without the use of key, card or push button keypad. 

These doors will also be subject to the detailed survey.

For new builds our inspectors will assess the quality of the initial fire door installation before handover, to ensure your build complies with Building Regulations. The work carried out will assign each door a unique number, location and certificate, which then can used for future assessments and maintenance.

For existing buildings, our inspectors will check the condition of the doors and recommend any repairs required to improve safety and achieve Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) compliance. Once any defects on the doors have been rectified, we will then issue a new certificate for the appropriate door. 

What happens when you get it wrong?
  • Danger for users of the building and possible risk to life.

  • Danger for emergency services responding to a fire.

  • You could be prosecuted with a large fine or worse case scenario, imprisonment.

  • You could put your reputation at risk.

  • Property and possessions will be put at risk and may not be protected

  • Loss of business and income.

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Is it really worth not having your fire doors checked? 

Over 230 fire doors inspected had gaps bigger than 3mm between door leaves.

Source FDIS 2015

39% of those with fire doors have seen them propped open in their building.

Atomik Research 2017.

Over 61% of all fire doors inspected had problems with fire or smoke seals.

Source FDIS 2015.

Residential Fire Door Inspections

Whether you're a landlord of one or one hundred properties, you could put your tenants mind at ease as well as saving you a potential fine, by having the fire doors inspected.

Building Regulations 2010 fire safety Approved Document B, state that fire doors must be fitted where a dwelling has an attached or integral garage.

An annual inspection will give you peace of mind that your doors will perform as they are designed to do by protecting people and property.

Since the Grenfell tragedy, almost seven in ten (67%) of renters say their landlord has not been in touch to reassure them about building fire safety.

Source Atomik Research 2017

Since the tragedy, just 17% of landlords have been in touch in person to discuss fire safety measures and 16% got in touch via email or letter.

Source Atomik Research 2017

November 2015, the director of a company in charge of a three storey block of flats, that caught fire was given a six month prison sentence. He was also given 240 hours unpaid work and his firm fined £10,000. He was sentenced after admitting 10 fire safety breaches, including failure to provide adequate fire doors to second floor flats.

March 2016, a landlord and his wife were fined £8,000 each after admitting to breaching fire safety rules. They had converted a property into three self contained flats, but without providing fire alarms or fire doors.

A dodgy fire door is a sure sign of a dodgy building, two thirds of parents with children living away from home in shared housing, rented property or student accommodation admitted that even they would not know what to look for.

All Commercial and Residential fire doors are subject to the same meticulous checklist.